Your Guide to Interesting Cosmic Events All Through September

NASA Skywatching Tips: Pay Attention to the Night Sky This September, Interesting Things Are Happening

This month appears to be rewarding for skywatchers with a full range of binocular and telescopic sights in the offing. All through September, interesting cosmic events will take place and can be seen over the horizon, according to NASA. The space agency said in its monthly update astronomers and space enthusiasts will have to gear up early as Mercury, the smallest planet in the Solar System will appear low in the west briefly, about half an hour after the sunset. Because Mercury is so small, only slightly larger than Earth’s Moon and so close to the Sun, it is very difficult to see it with the naked eye.

There’s more. A clear view of the horizon will offer some spectacular planetary groupings in the first half of this month. Mercury will be longer above the horizon before it sets if you are viewing it from farther south. Once you have found Mercury, turn a little south for the much brighter Venus, which is also Earth’s closest planetary neighbor. On the 9th and 10th, this pairing will be joined by the crescent Moon.

All this and more “skywatching tips” were shared by NASA in an Instagram post.